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Maybe only today
زمان کنونی: 09-02-1396،12:55 ب.ظ
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نویسنده: Friga
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موضوع: Maybe only today
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Maybe only today
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حالت من: Shad
Sitting beside you, staring into your eyes
my stomach does a flip and my heart cries
i don't think i should be feeling, like i am today
because every time you touch me, our love just melts away
i know you'd do anything, to keep me by your side
but I'm not feeling the same, and i don't know why
it used to be that every time you touched me i felt like flying
but today I'm feeling strange...i feel like our love is dying
so the hardest part now, is for me to figure out
if today will last forever, or am i just having doubts
saying goodbye will be too hard, i already know
I've already figured out that its hard to let people go
i guess you could call me confused, because its obvious that i must be
i guess i could wait for you, but I'd only be hurting me
so until you're in my shoes, and know just how i feel
don't call me crazy,because you don't know the deal
i just want you to get the picture, that its my heart to break
and if I've done the wrong thing, then I'll learn from my mistake
so I'm trying my hardest, I'm going to say goodbye
its hurts for me to keep it in, but it hurts to see you cry
so once again, here i am, not knowing what to do
i don't want to hurt me, but it seems worse to be hurting you
so i guess i'll just hold on, i'll try to keep it in
maybe this feeling i have today, wont ever come again

دورمچم به جای ساعت یکنوار مشکی بستم
تا همه بفهمن من از همه هر چه زمانو متعلق به زمان است بیزارم
من هم روزی قلبی داشتم
که توسط مردمانی ازمیان شما شکست و شکست تا سنگی شد
واکنون روزگاریست که شیطان فریاد میزند..
انسان پیدا کنید سجده خواهم کرد...


15-04-1392 05:31 ب.ظ

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