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Many Lifetimes Ago
زمان کنونی: 30-05-1396،04:39 ق.ظ
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نویسنده: Friga
آخرین ارسال: Friga
پاسخ: 1
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موضوع: Many Lifetimes Ago
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Many Lifetimes Ago
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تاریخ عضویت: 20 اردیبهشت 1390
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حالت من: Shad
آخرین ویرایش در 04-04-1392 10:08 ق.ظ توسط Friga
Many lifetimes ago
We raced through the universe
Like two shooting stars
Without a home
Never burning out
Never growing old
Our love was strong.

We invented love
While playing on the rings of Saturn
We slept and gave warmth to one another
While hiding out on Pluto
We stopped by the sun for tea
Then moved on again
Our love was strong.

Then came the time to leave this infinite space
We wept and smiled
For we knew we'd meet again
When the time came, you moved ahead and I stayed behind
My reason for yielding was simple
I had to watch your miracle of life from above
My love was strong.

I was born on a warm Monday
Years passed by and I missed your company so deeply
I knew not who you were or where you slept
But knew you were there, always there
A lifetime of searching made me tired and weak
I knew nowhere else to look until you willed me back into your life
Your love was strong.

Tonight we rest our heads in slumber
Dreaming of a life of love, hope, laughter, and joy
Smiling at one another as we go
For tomorrow we meet again
To share one another in joyful bliss
As we sing and dance, hand in hand while the sun sets
Our love is strong.

Our love is strong.
And now we come together
Come together again to gain what is rightfully ours
We come together to gain the other half of our soul
So that it may once again become whole
Two bodies, one we can close our eyes
And travel the universe just like we did so many lifetimes ago.

  -Poem by  Jason Cain Rackleyn

دورمچم به جای ساعت یکنوار مشکی بستم
تا همه بفهمن من از همه هر چه زمانو متعلق به زمان است بیزارم
من هم روزی قلبی داشتم
که توسط مردمانی ازمیان شما شکست و شکست تا سنگی شد
واکنون روزگاریست که شیطان فریاد میزند..
انسان پیدا کنید سجده خواهم کرد...


04-04-1392 10:07 ق.ظ

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