Kissing the Rain - تالار گفتمان آذر فروم

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Kissing the Rain
زمان کنونی: 30-05-1396،12:49 ق.ظ
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نویسنده: Friga
آخرین ارسال: Friga
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موضوع: Kissing the Rain
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Kissing the Rain
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تاریخ عضویت: 20 اردیبهشت 1390
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حالت من: Shad
I was miserable and paining
And waiting for you, for sure
Thinking now that you'll be coming
We'll be together like before

Without doubt, you came
But with a misunderstanding
Throwing on me, the blame
Of someone elses planning

You gave no time to explain
Just turned and walked away
Leaving me in this anguish again
Once more; feelings going astray

Now I'm standing here
Within all the sorrow
Wishing there were another
Life I could borrow

But even then I wonder
If you would still do the same
Leaving me in this weather
Making me endure all the shame

That I dont really deserve
But you want me to feel
Threatening the immortal love;
You've brutally tried to kill

Drops are now drenching me
So I'm kissing the rain
For all I could wish it to be
Your forgiveness washing away the pain

دورمچم به جای ساعت یکنوار مشکی بستم
تا همه بفهمن من از همه هر چه زمانو متعلق به زمان است بیزارم
من هم روزی قلبی داشتم
که توسط مردمانی ازمیان شما شکست و شکست تا سنگی شد
واکنون روزگاریست که شیطان فریاد میزند..
انسان پیدا کنید سجده خواهم کرد...


14-04-1392 12:47 ق.ظ

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