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In His Dreams
زمان کنونی: 31-05-1396،04:39 ب.ظ
کاربران در حال بازدید این موضوع: 1 مهمان
نویسنده: Friga
آخرین ارسال: Friga
پاسخ: 1
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موضوع: In His Dreams
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In His Dreams
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حالت من: Shad
In His Dreams:

Dreams of Valentine's Day,
chocolates and cards.
Like a fairytale, a day
with his sweetheart.

Scent of fresh roses,
a quiet stroll in the park.
candle light dinner,
a room full of hearts.

But sadly a dream
as he awakes in his bed.
In walks the nurse,
"It's time for your pills."

Limp bouquets adorn his room,
the only greeting cards all
read "Get well soon."
There is no Valentine's day for him.

All alone in his gloomy room.
Hospital suppers are the only
things to look forward to.
An occasional visit but not this day!

Solitary in the confines of his bed.
Valentine's day, just a dream in his head.
So dream on he will, away from his
chocolate colored pills.

Of a day of sweet song and wine,
a day he can rejoice and dance all the time.
Of ruby red kisses so Divine,
from his sweet Valentine in another time

دورمچم به جای ساعت یکنوار مشکی بستم
تا همه بفهمن من از همه هر چه زمانو متعلق به زمان است بیزارم
من هم روزی قلبی داشتم
که توسط مردمانی ازمیان شما شکست و شکست تا سنگی شد
واکنون روزگاریست که شیطان فریاد میزند..
انسان پیدا کنید سجده خواهم کرد...


12-04-1392 02:12 ق.ظ

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