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Because of you
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موضوع: Because of you
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Because of you
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I mistook by trying to ameliorate,
I tried to listen to you the best I can.
As for school, sometime I ran late,
Just by attempting to be your last man.

I ran out of time when we're talking.
I can't discern mentally days & nights.
I think more than twice before acting,
Just to avoid depressions and fights.

I rarely interact with my best friend,
Just to win nothing, but your faithfulness,
And not to bring about a tragic end
To our relationship in good success.

I am an ardent admirer,
Who's trying to get you attention,
And, often, a good inqirer,
Who's trying to get a special mention.

I knew, I disobeyed sometime,
Not to loose you, but to keep you.
I'm proud of the fact I've done no crime

دورمچم به جای ساعت یکنوار مشکی بستم
تا همه بفهمن من از همه هر چه زمانو متعلق به زمان است بیزارم
من هم روزی قلبی داشتم
که توسط مردمانی ازمیان شما شکست و شکست تا سنگی شد
واکنون روزگاریست که شیطان فریاد میزند..
انسان پیدا کنید سجده خواهم کرد...


14-04-1392 12:40 ق.ظ

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